AbsoluPeel is an anti-ageing superficial peel which is particularly appropriate to treat a lack of radiance, fine lines, the loss of elasticity, microcystic acne and skin imperfections. Will visibly improve the skin condition without any side effect. AbsoluPeel can be used safely even recommended for sensitive skins. Unlike the majority of chemical peels available on the market, which are applied in a single step, forcing a significant and abrupt variation in the pH level of the skin, AbsoluPeel will favour a sequential variation in the pH obtained by a protocol that consists of four simple distinct phases.


1. Pre-peel: Purifies the skin and prepares it for the exfoliating solution. Its ingredients particularly enable to clear the pores. During its application, the pH of the skin will lower to 3.5 or 4.5. Two formulations are available.

2. Peeling: Exfoliates the skin thanks to the action of the glycolic acid combined with the other ingredients of the solution. Its application of 3 to 6 minutes will reduce the pH close to 3.5 in order to eliminate the upper layers of the epidermis.

3. Post-peel: Neutralizes quickly the reaction of the glycolic acid to soothe and provide immediate relief. The neutralization increases the pH level close to 8.0.

4. Anti-inflammatory isotonic mist: Restores, moisturizes and relaxes the epidermis bringing it back to its original pH level. This treatment protocol was specifically designed to bring impressive results upon the first application. Will provide the following advantages: • Revives the skin and brings back its radiance • Refines the skin’s texture • Smoothes fine lines • Improves elasticity • Tightens pores • Reduces dark sports • Promotes cellular renewal

The peeling can be applied on every skin types (young, mature, oily or normal) will improve skin texture and appearance bringing back luminosity, smoothness and radiance to the complexion. Will also provide a firming and toning effect. For best results, a program of 6 to 8 treatments every 7 to 10 days is highly recommended followed by a maintenance treatment every 2 to 3 months. This product is authorized by Health Canada. Our peels are mainly made from 30% pure glycolic acid. It removes dead skin cells allowing healthier cells to move closer to the skin surface.

Its high ability to penetrate the skin enables for faster cellular renewal, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin and kills the bacteria that cause seborrhoea and acne. Besides glycolic acid, our peels contain the six following active ingredients: The kojic acid acts on the overproduction of melanin while also having antibacterial and antifungal properties. In the present case, it is mainly used as a skin lightener. The blackberry is a powerful antiinflammatory agent. The vitamins A, C and E promote the process of revitalization, regeneration and reactivation of the skin already started by the use of glycolic acid.


. Revives the skin and brings back its radiance

. Refines the skin's texture

. Smooths fine lines

. Improves Elasticity

. Tightens Pores

. Promotes cellular renewal

For best results 6 - 8 treatments every 2 weeks is highly recommended followed by a maintenance of 1 treatment every 3 months.

This product is approved and authorized by Health Canada!..........