AbsoluPeel is an anti-ageing superficial peel which is particularly appropriate to treat a lack of radiance, fine lines, the loss of elasticity, microcystic acne and skin imperfections.

It will visibly improve the skin condition without any side effect. AbsoluPeel can be used safely even recommended for sensitive skins. Unlike the majority of chemical peels available on the market, which are applied in a single step forcing a significant and abrupt variation in the pH level of the skin, AbsoluPeel will favour a sequential variation in the pH obtained by a simple protocol.  This treatment protocol was specifically designed to bring impressive results upon the first application.

Will provide the following benefits:
• Revives the skin and brings back its radiance
• Refines the skin’s texture
• Smoothes fine lines
• Improves elasticity
• Tightens pores
• Reduces dark sports
• Stimulates cellular renewal

The peeling can be applied on every skin types even sensitive skins, it will improve skin texture and appearance bringing back luminosity, smoothness and radiance to the complexion. It will also provide a firming and toning effect.

For best results, a program of 6 to 8 treatments every 7 to 10 days, is highly recommended followed by a maintenance treatment every 2 to 3 months.

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