Clayton Shagal Collagen Extract 30 ml (Ideal for 40+ Skin)


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 Clayton Shagal Collagen Extract

Size: 30ml

Clayton Shagal Collagen Extract Concentrated liquid booster that immediately hydrates and tightens skin. Dramatically improves fine lines and wrinkles. Used as a shock treatment to intensely moisturize and accentuate firmness. Accelerates skin recovery from scars, burns, and pigmentation stains.

* Concentrated Liquid Form for firmer & more moist skin

* A booster treatment between regular use of gel

* Stimulates the formation of new Collagen Fibrils at the dermis level

* Dramatically smoothes fine lines & wrinkles

* Improves & accelerates the healing of scars & burns

* Ideal for stretch marks, scars, burns, and pigmentation stains

* A double potency of the gel version

* The extract is usually used for boosting treatments at regular intervals when using Clayton Shagal Collagen Gel

Skin Type:
Ideal for 40 yrs +

* On clean skin, use a thin application (1-2 pumps) without massaging on the face, neck, and eye contours. Let the get penetrate completely. (Leave to absorb into the skin for a minute.)

* Apply moisturizer over top.

* Part of a 21-day intensive treatment.

* Only apply at night if using in conjunction with elastin extract.

Non-hydrolyzed Acido-soluble Collagen,Hydrocomplex, Carbowax 400,H20, Preservative 

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