Hylunia Fruit Acid Exfoliant 1.7oz




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To help revitalize damaged skin, use this leave-on combination treatment of multi-fruit acids and Hyaluronic Acid / Hyaluronic Complex Solution. It is perfectly suited for the daily management of mature, thick, sun damaged, oily or acne-prone skin to bring smoothness, radiance, and luminosity to the skin.

This exceptional product contains multi-fruit acids (extracts of Bilberry, Sugar Cane and Sugar Maple, Lemon and Lime) which exfoliate the skin, slough off dead skin cells, and help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also contains Vitamins A and E and Octyl Mathoxycinnamate that protect the skin from the abuse of the elements and reduce the appearance of aging. Pumpkin Seed Extract and Hyaluronic Acid soothe the skin and keep it soft and supple, making the skin look youthful and radiant

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Mary Cohr New Youth Cream 50ml

Mary Cohr New Youth Cream 50ml

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