Reduced price! Rosa Graf Blue Line Rejuvenating Night Cream 50ml

Rosa Graf Blue Line Rejuvenating Night Cream 50ml


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Creme Regenerative - Half fatty water/oil emulsion with a light consistency  soft cream) with added Phyto-Collastin, vitamin A and E, the energy supply for the cells. Creme Regenerative is,as a result of its selected oils and lipids, an exceptionally smooth cream. It is particularly suited to the treatment of more mature skin,
especially one which has been exposed to strong sunlight. It should, however, also be used for intensive treatment from
the age of thirty in cases where the skin is dry or prone to wrinkles Apart from its advantages in caring for the skin, by means of the
oils and lipids it contains, Shea Butter, Squalane and Jojoba Oil bringing an improvement in the condition of the skin, i.e. the elasticity
of the skin is increased and the moisture content raised. Vitamin A increases theenzymatic activity of the skin.

Rosa Graf Regenerative Night Cream. This night cream is ideal for mature, dry, dehydrated skin, prone to wrinkles. Elasticity of the skin is improved and moisture increased with ingredients containing Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Phyto-Collastin, Vitamin A & E.

Collagen with Elasin helps keep the skin looking younger. Collagen is the protein that makes up the structure of the skin. Collagen is a key ingredient that helps to maintain healthy youthful skin.

Directions: Use this regenerative cream at night time after cleansing, may also use during the daytime for very dry skin during the winter months 



Effective Ingredients - Phyto-Collastin, Vitamin E, Vitamin A 

Tip - For use in the salon, Creme Regenerative is eminently suitable as a high-quality massage cream 



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